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Director’s Message

Message from the Chairperson

‘A drop of ink can make a million of thing’.

– Alexander Pope

As a guardian of the Stalwart Educational Consultancy foundation, I feel it worthwhile to jot down my few words.

The new aspirants, every – year, are searching, a reliable counseling institution. They   feel Islandic and separated in their own land To solve this jubilant problem to some extent; the    Stalwart Educational Consultancy has been founded. The Stalwart Educational Consultancy puts a significant landmark in the field of career counseling & study abroad programs.

The Stalwart Educational Consultancy has come with broad mission to serve the country’s youngsters’ who are willing to go abroad for fulfilling the cherished dream of their parents, to obtain international degree and enhance their caliber in the international area.  The Stalwart Educational Consultancy also has long – term vision to bring these intellectuals and talents, back to their atavistic land,  to serve their own country , Nepal with the knowledge , skills talents and educational research abroad. The Stalwart Educational Consultancy with its short term vision to assist the students sending them abroad also promises its commitment to bring conducive environment to return them.

So, I from the bottom of my heart   request you, new aspirants students, to give the Stalwart Educational Consultancy foundation a chance to serve for your better future.

With much regards.